# Update Notification

The updatenotification module is one of the default modules of the MagicMirror. This will display a message whenever a new version of the MagicMirror application is available.

# Using the module

To use this module, add it to the modules array in the config/config.js file:

modules: [
    module: "updatenotification",
    position: "top_center", // This can be any of the regions.
    config: {
      // The config property is optional.
      // See 'Configuration options' for more information.

# Configuration options

The following properties can be configured:

Option Description
updateInterval How often do you want to check for a new version? This value represents the interval in milliseconds.

Possible values: Any value above 60000 (1 minute)
Default value: 600000 (10 minutes)
ignoreModules An array of module names that should not check for update.

Example: ["MMM-ExampleModule1", "MMM-ExampleModule2"].
You can exclude MagicMirror by adding "MagicMirror" to the array.
Default value: [] (empty array, no modules)
sendUpdatesNotifications Allow to broadcast update with UPDATES notification to other modules.

Default value: false

# Developer notes

# Broadcast notifications (notifications send to modules)

Notification Description Requirement
UPDATES When updates are available, an Array of updatable modules is sended.
This is the best way to update your own module! (a guide will be available soon)
Note: It will not include default modules and MagicMirror.

Example: ["MMM-MyOwnModule","MMM-Test"]
sendUpdatesNotifications: true

# Received notification (notifications send from modules)

Notification Description
SCAN_UPDATES Allow force scanning any updates from other modules