# Requirements

# Hardware

MagicMirror² is developed to run on a Raspberry Pi. It might (and will) run on various different types of hardware, but new versions will only be tested on a Raspberry Pi.

Electron, the app wrapper around MagicMirror², only supports the Raspberry Pi 2, 3 & 4. The Raspberry Pi 0/1 is currently not supported. If you want to run this on a Raspberry Pi 1, use the server only feature and setup a fullscreen browser yourself. (Yes, people have managed to run MM² also on a Pi0, so if you insist, search in the forums.)

# Operating System

Note that you will need to install the latest full version of Raspbian, don't use the Lite version.


To run Electron, you need a desktop environment.
Using a Lite Version of Raspbian will not work.

# Node

Although older version of Node might work, we suggest you use Node 12.