# Introduction

The MagicMirror core has the ability to send notifications to modules. Or even better: the modules have the possibility to send notifications to other modules.

Additional technical information on the notifications can be found in the modules documentation:

# System notifications

The system sends three notifications when starting up:

Notification Payload Description
ALL_MODULES_STARTED none All modules are started. You can now send notifications to other modules.
DOM_OBJECTS_CREATED none All dom objects are created. The system is now ready to perform visual changes.
MODULE_DOM_CREATED none This module's dom has been fully loaded. You can now access your module's dom objects.

# Default module notifications

These notifications are send by the default modules:

Notification Payload Description
SHOW_ALERT message details Sent to alert module to show an alert or notification.
HIDE_ALERT none Sent to alert module to hide the current alert or notification.
CALENDAR_EVENTS calendar events Sent by calendar module to inform modules of the calendar events.
ARTICLE_NEXT none Shows the next news title in newsfeed module.
ARTICLE_PREVIOUS none Shows the previous news title in newsfeed module.
ARTICLE_MORE_DETAILS none Shows more details in newsfeed module.
ARTICLE_LESS_DETAILS none Hides the summary or full news article and only displays the news title of the currently viewed news item in newsfeed module.
ARTICLE_TOGGLE_FULL none Toogles article in fullscreen in newsfeed module.

# 3rd Party Module notifications

Take a look in the wiki to see if 3rd party modules send notifications you might want to use.