# Custom CSS

MagicMirror² comes with a default theme but it can be customized by placing a custom css-file in css/custom.css.

# Example

One common request is to make the weather icons colorful, this can easily be achieved in the custom css, this makes the sunny weather icon yellow:

.wi-day-sunny {
  color: #ffff00;

MagicMirror² uses these weather icons: https://erikflowers.github.io/weather-icons/ (opens new window). On that page you can find what class name is used for the displayed icon and add it to your custom.css-file like in the example above.

# Target a specific module

Each module has a class set for the div it resides in named after the module (including all the 3rd-party modules). As an example the Clock-module (opens new window) could be customized by using the class .clock.

# Help

For questions and inspiration visit the forum category (opens new window) dedicated to this.